Only Runner

Elliot was our only runner at the conference cross country meet this afternoon. It has been a rough season for all our kids because we have had several colds and Mari has been dealing with an abdominal strain, or something of that sort. We all had a cold in September that I know took me a while to recover from. Elliot had the cold and Andrew is still coughing and unable to run. Hopefully everyone can get healthy and have a strong finish to the season.

Soccer Weekend

We had a fun, eventful soccer weekend this weekend. All 5 kids had games, with Andrew and Elliot having tournaments. On Saturday Andrew scored for his team, which is a rarity because they don’t score a lot and he only plays about half the game because he misses so much practice because of cross country. He dribbled the ball up the side and as he passed the edge of the box he didn’t have many options, so he pulled it back toward the middle. Still lacking options he said he just had to shoot the ball, so he hit it over the goalies head from about 25 yards out.

On Sunday, Elliot’s team was in the tournament finals, against a team they had played previously in the tournament. The beat them the first time 2-1 and in the finals they were once again in a close game. With about 2 minutes to go Elliot intercepted the other team’s goal kick and shot it from about 20 yards out. It sailed over the goalie’s head and into the goal. His team mobbed him, celebrated a lot, and then held on for the final two minutes to win the game and the tournament.

The rest of May

I have been woefully behind on the blog. I decided that to catch up I would just do a few posts that cover entire months. Here comes May. . .

Filling the pool with a sand foundation.
Spreading the sand
Susan, Mary, and Erin
Working on the liner
Working on the liner
Ian was the first one in the pool
Rose, Ian, and Lucia
Hope and Mari reffing
Going away party for our neighbor Vi
Generic pool shot
Lucia playing socer
Lucia’s Soccer Team
Rose’s Soccer Team
Elliot after band concert
Dew Tour
Rob Axe Throwing with Friends
Susan and Rob on anniversary date

Happy Birthday, Elliot!

Cameron, Elliot, and Ian

Today we celebrated Elliot’s 14th birthday, with the Reagens in attendance. It is the first time they have been in our house since they spent the night on New Year’s.

Elliot is in 8th grade now and is back in school this semester after learning online last semester. He wakes up for school at 6:55 and we leave at 7:20. After school he has track until about 4:30 and then he has soccer 3 nights a week around dinner time. During the little freetime he has, he likes to play Rocket League, Forza and watch videos on his phone and computer.

One fun thing Elliot started in the past year is “Elliot’s Fun Facts.” He makes up random facts that are fun.

Favorite song: Commitment Issues
Favorite color: Red
Favorite food: Skyline
Favorite musical artist: none
Favorite book: Elliot doesn’t read anymore
Favorite sport: Soccer
Favorite movie: none