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Susan joined Lucia today for CAFEBA – Crossroads Annual Fourth grade Excellent Biking Adventure. The fourth graders bike 5 miles from school to a park, have lunch, and then bike back to school, stopping at Dairy Queen on the way. Lucia has been looking forward to this for a while. A good time was had by all.

Lucia and friends
Susan and Lucia
Playing at the park

Lucia Dance Dress Rehearsal

Cone of Shame

Ruben had some work done: neutering, hernia repair, and rear dew claw removal.
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Happy Mother’s Day

Rose’s Soccer Team

Rose’s soccer team had their second-last game this morning and we took a team picture after the game.

Lucia Orchestra Concert

Lucia had her final orchestra concert of the year tonight. The theme was Take Me Out to the Ballgame and they played a bunch of songs along with a narrated story. It was fun.

Pool Time

It isn’t the warmest yet, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying the pool. I think the water was in the upper 60s today.

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Pool Opening

We opened the pool today. It was 50 degrees out with 25mph winds, but we went for it. Now all of the “Birch Worms” have a nice place to land.

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Picking Andrew Up From College

I drove to Denver yesterday to pick Andrew up from college. I left at 6am CT, was in Denver by 2 MT, and we made it home around 1am CT.

Packing Up
Some Friends

Mari Plays Soccer

Holy Trinity Gala

Susan and I went to the Holy Trinity Gala for our April date.

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Lucia’s Pointe Exam

Lucia had her exam today for Pointe. They have been working on exercises and routines all year and today they got to present their work to a group of teachers to decide who is ready to move up. Lucia had been looking forward to it and did a wonderful job.