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This weekend Susan and Erin took Mari, Cameron, Elliot and Hope up to St. Bens/St. Johns for a college visit.

Riding in the minivan.
Lucia, Rose and I went to the Valley football game.
Susan and Erin were glad to be back.

First Cross Country Meet

Today was the first cross country meet of the season. It was supposed to be last week, but that got canceled because of the heat.

Mari near the start.
Cam, Rose and Lucia
Elliot near the middle.
Cam and Elliot afterward

Mt. Clive

When we walk Ruben in the evenings we like to do a loop around the prairie, at the back of which is a big pile of dirt. We call it Mt. Clive. It is a great place to let Ruben run and view the sunset.

Can you find Lucia and Rose?
The view from the top, on another day.

First Day of School

Curly Susan

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Ben Harper and The Chicks Concert

Susan and I went on a date to the State Fair Grandstand to see Ben Harper and The Chicks. It was a hot date.

Hot date. – Ready to Run – Copyright issues.

State Fair Time!

The Lieslands love the Iowa State Fair – or at least Rose, Lucia and I do. Susan likes it, too, but for a few fewer hours than us. Mari went to the fair 2 or 3 times, but never with us.

Gluten free, vegan deep-fried Oreos, homemade for Lucia.
The girls love climbing on this elephant.
Both girls love cotton candy, but none for Lucia this year.
They love this sort of thing.
Susan joined us mid-day, and we got to enjoy a beautiful sunset.
Everybody loves the cold watermelon.
Miss Iowa was super sweet with the girls.
Visiting the dairy cows.
Trying on some western wear.
On the way out.

Andrew Goes Back to College

Today I drove Andrew back to college. It started with a red rainbow in the morning, included a stop at target, some tears, and a long drive home.

Red rainbow; saying goodbye to mimi and papa; buying a pillow because we forgot to pack his.

Prairie Walk

This summer we have been enjoying taking Ruben for a walk around the prairie near our house. He loves running off the leash, Lucia and Rose love the giant pile of dirt, and we love the sunsets.

Senior Pictures

Mari had her senior pictures taken this evening, with Rachel, the former Reagen babysitter who also took Andrew’s pictures.

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Senior Picture Prep

Mari’s senior pictures are coming up this week and Susan, Lucia, Rose, Ruben and I went location scouting, in the rain.

Summer Jobs

This summer all of the kids are working.

  • Andrew – Smash Park
  • Mari – Target
  • Elliot – Tropical Sno
Cam and Elliot working together at Tropical Sno.
Bonus – Hope and Ian working together at Snookies.