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We got a dog! Susan has secretly been looking for about a month and gradually wearing me down. When I was in Cincinnati earlier this week she found a dog just south of town. I picked up the dog after work on Tuesday and drove all the way home – arriving at 2 a.m. Since then we have had fun settling in. Overall he has been a good dog, well-behaved, with just a few bathroom issues to work through.

The details of his early life are sketchy, but we are working on unraveling the mystery. We were told he is a Bernese Mountain Doug mixed with a mini Australlian Shepherd, but we aren’t sure that is accurate. We might do a DNA test eventually.

Ruben on a blanket

December Catch-Up

Dog-sitting for Sadie and Snickles.
Lucia and Rose making gingerbread houses.
Christmas Cookies
Family Christmas Picture
Hoi Hoi Hoi
Christmas Sweatshirts
Rose, Lucia, and I went sledding at Campbell Park
Liess Family Christmas
NYE Party at the Neighbors’
NEY Party at Our House

November Catch-up

I have once again fallen behind and will need to do some monthly posts to get caught up.

Andrew, Elliot, and I ran in Des Moines’ Turkey Trot.
Thanksgiving Dinner – We kept it simple this year with Andrew home from college.
Decorating the Christmas tree, a day-after-Thanksgiving tradition.
Rose, Andrew, and Susan
The cousins, with Ian and Andrew home from college.


Lucia is in the nutcracker this weekend. Here are some videos from her dress rehearsal.

Luke’s Rugby Game

The Connors were in town this weekend for Luke’s rugby game. He plays with the KU rugby team and was in town for a tournament, though they decided not to play the final games because of the weather.

Rugby Fans
Post-game festivities

Work Trip to DC

While Susan was in KC for Mary’s birthday I left on a work trip in Washington, DC.

Doug, Me, Emily, Brendan, and Kim

Mary’s Birthday in Kansas City

Susan and Erin went down to Kansas City this past weekend to visit Mary Connor for her birthday. I think they are out and hung out and did yoga.

Happy Halloween!

Finished Pumpkins

Beggars’ Night Jokes

Pumpkin Carving

Elsie (neighbor) joined us for pumpkin carving this year.

carvers hard at work

Halloween Party

This evening Rose, Lucia, Susan and I went to a Halloween party at a friend’s house.

Susan (Jenny), Rose (cowgirl), Lucia (mime), Rob (Forrest)

Birthday Party Redo

This evening we hosted Lucia’s birthday party redo. She ended up being sick the first time we were going to host and luckily everyone could make it this time.

Painting Pumpkins
Birthday Cake
Group shot