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Ruben’s DNA Results

Over the weekend we received Ruben’s DNA results. A Mini American Shepherd is the same thing as a Mini Australian Shepherd, from our research. So he is mostly Australian Shepherd, with some Bernese personality, and short hair like the Cattle Dog. Sounds about right. I will need a geneticist to explain the 1% Border Collie to me.

Bonus pic: Ruben getting ready for his first bath in the Liesland house. We spent a few minutes getting him comfortable in the bathroom. In the end he did an excellent job and was very cooperative.

19 Year Anniversary

This is what 19 years of wedded bliss looks like.


Susan joined Lucia today for CAFEBA – Crossroads Annual Fourth grade Excellent Biking Adventure. The fourth graders bike 5 miles from school to a park, have lunch, and then bike back to school, stopping at Dairy Queen on the way. Lucia has been looking forward to this for a while. A good time was had by all.

Lucia and friends
Susan and Lucia
Playing at the park

Lucia Dance Dress Rehearsal

Cone of Shame

Ruben had some work done: neutering, hernia repair, and rear dew claw removal.
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Happy Mother’s Day

Rose’s Soccer Team

Rose’s soccer team had their second-last game this morning and we took a team picture after the game.

Lucia Orchestra Concert

Lucia had her final orchestra concert of the year tonight. The theme was Take Me Out to the Ballgame and they played a bunch of songs along with a narrated story. It was fun.

Pool Time

It isn’t the warmest yet, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying the pool. I think the water was in the upper 60s today.

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Pool Opening

We opened the pool today. It was 50 degrees out with 25mph winds, but we went for it. Now all of the “Birch Worms” have a nice place to land.

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Picking Andrew Up From College

I drove to Denver yesterday to pick Andrew up from college. I left at 6am CT, was in Denver by 2 MT, and we made it home around 1am CT.

Packing Up
Some Friends

Mari Plays Soccer