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“I literally wake up every day and dread grating cheese.” – Mari

Lamenting the woes of her difficult kitchen life.

Lucia Choir Concert


There was an eclipse. We couldn’t travel because of some obligations in town, but we made the most of it. Cracker Barrel came through with some last-minute glasses and we pulled the girls out of school. It was fun.

Beauty and the Beast

Lucia was in a ballet performance of Beauty and the Beast this weekend. She loves it can’t stop dancing. Below we have some videos from the dress rehearsal and pics from the day of the show.


Easter 2024

  • Easter Eve church at Hope
  • Easter Eve dinner at Cheesecake Factory
  • Easter Basket Hunt
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Easter dinner with the Reagens and Liesses
  • Easter whiffle ball game

Track Season

Elliot it running track this spring. It is the usual cold, slow start to the season. He had a good meet tonight hanging on for the win in the JV distance medley and his team ran well in the 4×400, too.

Orange Beach

For Spring Break we went to Orange Beach, Alabama. All of us went except Andrew, who is at college. Mari had some friends staying in a condo in the next complex over from ours and she spent most of her time with them-and had a blast. We enjoyed slow mornings, afternoons at the beach, and sunsets.

Rose’s Music Concert

This evening was Rose’s 3rd grade choir concert. It’s always enjoyable. Rose loves it and spends the weeks leading up these concerts singing the songs for herself and anyone who will listen.

Kathie’s 80th Birthday Weekend

This weekend we celebrated Kathie’s 80th birthday. There was dinner Friday night with Judy and Lloyd, a ladies spa day on Saturday, and then brunch on Sunday.

Les Mis

Susan and I have been trying to get out on more dates and this month we went to Les Mis at the Civic Center. I think it was my first time seeing a Broadway show not put on by a high school.

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Happy Birthday, Elliot!

Elliot turned 17 this year. He is fun to have around and enjoys running, pickleball, and games. He and I enjoy watching sports together and playing ping pong almost every night in the winter. He hit the gym a lot over the winter and would often stop at Ross on the way home looking for deals .

You can tell from his smile that he knew he was going to have a lot of “girlfriends” after his first attempt at blowing out the candles.