The Lieslands

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Tumbling Troupe

Lucia and Rose are members of the Tumbling Troupe at their dance and tumbling studio. They had a few practices and have been performing at a few high school basketball halftime breaks. Afterward the kids and families take over a local restaurant for dinner or a treat.

Lucia Chorus Concert

This evening was Family Engagement Night at the girls’ school. Lucia is in the 5th and 6th grade chorus and they sang a few songs at the end of the night.

Lucia Cello Concert

Lucia is in her second year playing the cello.

Roller Skating

The girls went roller Skating with some friends. It was their second time this year and they are getting better at it.

Our Kids

Snowboarding at Mt. Clive

One of Andrew’s goals while he was home for winter break was to snowboard on Mt. Clive. Mt. Clive is a big pile of dirt the city uses for projects and is located at the back of a prairie near our house. The city recently took a huge chunk off the front, creating a drop that Andrew couldn’t resist. Andrew was out there for a while in temperatures that were so cold it was hurting our hands when we took the video. He was determined, but Mt. Clive came out on top today. Andrew thinks he could have done it if he had his regular snowboard that he uses in Colorado. His final attempt is below.

More snow!

It snowed another 8 inches or so and we now have a lot of snow on the ground! The temperature also dropped to super cold, but that didn’t stop the girls from building a cool tunnel/fort in the snow bank on the side of our driveway.

JA Biztown

Today I had the chance go to JA Biztown with Lucias 5th grade class. The kids all assume adult roles in a community, running verious business and being consumers. The kids love it.

Lucia giving her CEO speech, Lucia sitting on the bench made by the Biztown construction crew, Lucia and Liv.

First Snow

We had our first big snow of the year through yesterday and today. I think it was 8-10 inches of snow.


Cake Wars 2024

Many years ago our kids started a Cake Wars tradition on New Years Day, and the tradition continues.

The bakers hard at work.
The finished products – made from scratch without a recipe.

House on the Haunted Hill: A NYE Tradition

Every year the Reagen and Liesland men play Haunted House on the Hill after midnight.

We are halfway through the game at this point and The Haunt has started. Cameron is the bad guy and is off reading his updated rules for The Haunt. The five of us remaining at the table must figure out how to make it out of the house alive.