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Happy Birthday, Lucia!

This evening we had Lucia’s family birthday party. On Friday she has a sleepover with 8 friends.

Lucia loves dance, reading, talking, playing with friends, school (her teacher).

She enjoys soccer, church, and any art.

She doesn’t really like waking up early.

Rose Playing Goalie

Rose enjoyed playing goalie in a few soccer games this year. At this game she had some extra helpers encouraging her from behind the goal.

This Week

Susan and her sisters went to California.
We closed the pool for the season.
Susan and her sisters visited Uncle Ron

Susan and Ruben

matching outfits

Swimming in October

It isn’t very often we get to go swimming in October, but the weather has been holding on. The pool was freezing.

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It was RACE Day at Crossroads today. Lucia ran a 5k and Rose ran 2 miles.

Giant Elliot

We took this picture post-Griak – not at the Mystery Spot.

Happy Birthday, Susan!

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Mari and Hope at Soccer

Mari and Hope are on the same soccer team this season with DMSC.

Setting up the photo booth at Susan’s Work

Elliot’s PR


This weekend Susan and Erin took Mari, Cameron, Elliot and Hope up to St. Bens/St. Johns for a college visit.

Riding in the minivan.
Lucia, Rose and I went to the Valley football game.
Susan and Erin were glad to be back.