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24 Hours in Vegas

It has been a long 24 hours. I haven’t posted much about our car troubles, but we have had more work than we were planning on. In the past 2 months we have had to fix 2 fuel leaks. Yesterday when we drove in to Vegas I thought we had another. This caused some stress as we are tired of spending money on the car. We talked about it before bed and came up with an action plan for today. 

Then the winds came. There were crazy wind gusts last night that were shaking our whole RV and making a lot of noise. Neither Susan nor I slept very well, and I had to get up early for work. I was tired. 

I ended up taking the car in to the shop this morning and they located the leak and it turned out to be the transmission gasket. They were able to fix that, change my oil, and replace some worn out parts in the front suspension faster and cheaper than the appointment I have scheduled in San Diego next week, which I can now cancel. Also, they had blazing fast internet, which is awesome. 

I pretty much spent the work day there, came home, and then took the kids to the park. There is a park here in Boulder city where bighorn sheep like to hang out. Today there were 50, just grazing on the lawn. It was a cool site and a nice way to wind down after some stressful times. 

The kids, bighorn sheep, and Lake Mead.

2 Replies to “24 Hours in Vegas”

  1. Oh man, I feel your stress and am so sorry about the car prob’s!
    I pray daily for you, maybe I need to add the SUV to that!

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