Colorado Getaway

After dropping Andrew off at college, Susan and I got to spend a couple of days in Colorado. We moved to Idaho Springs and hike to St. Mary’s Glacier on Thursday and then Mt. Flora on Friday.

At St. Mary’s Glacier
The view from Mt. Flora.

Cincinnati Day 2

Today we went swimming again at Holly’s pool and then went to a very hot Reds game at night for Fireworks Friday.

Susan and Rachel
Rose, Leah, and Lucia
Holly, Des, and Alex
Rob, Susan, and I guess Jill
It was hot.

Cincinnati, Day 1

Yesterday we drove from St. Augustine to Cincinnati. Not much to say about the trip, except I had motion sickness and we had to stop in a Walmart parking lot in Knoxville, Tennessee, so I could rest for a bit and we could get some medicine.

Rose going off the diving board at Holly’s pool.

St. Augustine Day 3

Water Aerobics
Hope and Mari
Rob and Lucia and Dole Whip
Mari, Hope, and Jana at the ice cream parlor in St. Augustine
Andrew, Ian, and Cam
Mari, Hope, and Susan
Walking the streets of St. Augustine

St. Augustine Day 2

Susan, Mary, Judith, and Erin
Rose running into the ocean.
Lucia Boogie Boarding
It must have been cold for a second.
Jana, Mari, Hope, Rose, and Lucia

Sun Valley Lake

This was our third trip to Sun Valley Lake with the Liesses, Connors, and Reagens. You might also see Jana in a few of these pictures.

The Liess/Connor House
Yoga by the lake
Liesland/Reagen Basement
Ian and Todd? I can’t remember his name, but he spent a lot of time in the water.
Jumping Pad
Girls on a paddleboard

Colin reading to Rose
Celebrating Papa’s Birthday

USA vs Honduras

The older kids skipped school today and we drove up to St. Paul for the USMNT vs Honduras. They are in World Cup qualifying right now and the US needs to get some wins. The won the game, but the weather was the biggest story today. It was 4 degrees when the game started, with an even colder windchill. We were all bundled up and I felt bad for the players. It was awesome to see the game and we will remember the experience.

Before the game we spent time together at Mall of America. We played a cellphone version of Marco Polo to help pass the time.
No one wanted to have their picture taken.
Pre-game ice sculpture.
By the field.