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June 1st

Susan and I have had many important dates in our lives lately, and June 1st is up next. June 1st is actually the target date for our next child. Even as I type, Susan is eleven weeks and three days pregnant. Here are the answers to some faq:

  1. Did you do this on purpose?

    Do we do anything on purpose?

  2. Are you going to find out the sex?

    Probably not, but you never know.

  3. How is Andrew taking the news?

    Sitting down.

In other news, Gary and Kathie are visiting right now, which is always a pleasure. Kathie spent more time cleaning the first day than Susan and I have since we moved in.

We have purchased some new living room furniture.

I am about to put up some new pics on Andrew’s picture site. Do you think I need to create a whole new picture site for the newbie, or maybe just change the name?

Andrew’s first birthday has passed us by and he has now entered the beginning stages of walking. He will take a few steps, but then he sits down. He is really into books at this point and has already finished the next selection for Oprah’s bookclub (which may actually be defunct at this point, which also makes that joke defunct).

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  1. Congrats Susan, Rob and Andrew! I hope everything is going well with all three of you 🙂

    devon, jeff and andrew kinne

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