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AMEN! ! ! ! ! !

Susan, Andrew, Mari and I tried to go to church last night. We usually hang out in the back of church, where Andrew can run around and be crazy without causing too much trouble, but last night we decided to try to sit in the actual church, near the back, of course, where we could escape if need be. Things started well with the opening song, as Andrew likes to sing and watch musicians. After the song Andrew began to clap and screamed “Yea!”, he was smart enough to stop quickly when he realized he was the only one cheering.

After that Fr. B led everyone in a short prayer, throughout which Andrew kept yelling “Amen!” We tried to get him to whisper, but it did not work. We decided to head back to our normal spot in the back of the church, where Andrew could express himself more freely. The problem was that there was a display set up for Habitat for Humanity that Andrew really wanted to play with, so Susan and I decided that maybe it was time that we sent him over to the childcare.

Susan offered to take him, but she was holding a sleeping Mari, so I took him over. We got to the room where the childcare is and there were about eight kids playing with various toys. I introduced Andrew to the two ladies watching the kids and Andrew headed over to play. I stayed there for a few minutes while he played and he appeared to be doing well, so I decided to head out. I said bye to Andrew and explained that we would be right across the street at church and he could stay here and play. He said “bye” (like he usually does), but as soon as I stepped out the door I could hear him screaming. So I went back in to help calm him down. We stayed and played for a while, but it was obvious that he was not going to let me leave, so I took him back over to church.

When we got back to church, he behaved much better, for about five minutes. Then it was back to running around. The biggest challenge was trying to explain the difference between the baptismal pool and the swimming pool that he played in last weekend. He wanted to sit on the side of the baptismal pool with his feet in the water.

Anyway, that was church. Sleep was also an adventure last night, as Andrew was wide awake at 3:30 in the morning and spent the second half of the night with his head half-buried under my pillow.

Mari is doing well. Her thighs continue to develop very well. She is sleeping and nursing a little less, which is nice. She is also getting to the point where she likes some company in the car, so Susan or I usually sit in the back with her and Andrew. I remember that we did this with Andrew for a while. Like all things parenting, this too shall pass.

  • B.Y.O.P. this weekend.
  • We are expanding the garden in our back yard to add some flowers.
  • Andrew likes to play the harmonica.
  • Mari is four months old today, and sees the doc tomorrow.
  • Andrew weighed in at 24 lbs last week at the Dr, three pounds less than one-year-old Andrew Kinne, whose 1st birthday party we attended last weekend.    

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