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Back in Cincinnati

After a nice trip to Des Moines, Susan, Andrew, and I are back in Cincinnati. We came back to a very wet city, but the good weather is here now (though maybe not for long).

We had a great trip to Des Moines, even though Andrew had a few rough days. My biggest fear on this trip is always the drive and this was the most successful trip we have had yet, in that regard. On the way home we only had to stop once and made it in 8:45 (you do the math).

Now that we are back we have our hands full with things to do around the house. We need to get things ready for the new kid and also start doing some maintenance outside now that spring is here. Since there was a creek in our laundry room when we returned, one of the first things we need to do is get up a gutter over our back porch which will hook into a rain barrel.

That’s it for now. Thanks for checkin’ in.

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