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Cruise Control

Well, for the past few weeks, we have been on cruise control. Andrew is feeling better and acting like it. He is even beginning to sleep better of late, which could change at any time.

Susan’s belly is popping out. Our Dr. told us that it is time to start working our birth plan, which is always fun.

Susan’s classes are going.

We have some major changes planned for our house in the coming months, including, but not limited to: painting, moving furniture, and (my favorite part) setting up our stereo in a better place. Hopefully our TV is going to make its way downstairs, which would be nice. Maybe the computer should go with it? just a thought.

Anyway, nothin’ major coming up. Hopefully Susan’s parents are going to come visit soon, which is always fun.

Volleyball starts tonight for my team from work. We got bounced from the preseason tournament pretty quickly, so hopefully we will do better in league play.

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  1. Lessons from someone who's parents built what we call "the computer room" downstairs. Even though you have plenty else to spend time on, if you use it as much as my mother does for maintaining finances, etc. you will appreciate being able to spend time on that while seeing daylight.

    If you don't have any windows down there don't put the computer downstairs – you'll dread doing the necessary business even more. Trust me – I don't like spending a lot of time in my parent's basement when I'm there…

    -Steve 🙂

    Isn't it weird that the few times I read your BLOG and the only time I've submitted a comment and this is what I have to say? PS

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