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Hell Week

Well, after a rough week and a half, Susan, Andrew and I are settling back into our normal existence. Andrew welcomed us back to Cincinnati by throwing up in bed, twice, and then pooping in the bath tub. I think that he was trying to tell us that he was not feeling well.

So last week was hell. He didn’t really want to sleep and was always in a fussy mood. The good side of all this: his ears came out unscathed, so maybe they are on an upswing (hopefully to never come back down, but I doubt it!).

Another good thing that has come out of the last week is that Susan and I have been reminded of how truly blessed we are by Andrew. Now that he is well again he is a lot of fun to be around and to play with.

So there is a little Andrew update.

Susan’s classes have started again. Today we made the semi-annual trip to the bookstore to see what she needed. Her one book was $100, so we went to the internet, where we found it for $70. Gotta love

I have just been getting settled back in at work. Normal stuff.

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