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Let It Rain

After weeks of planning and agonizing, it is finally ready: The Rain Barrel. I got a free 55-gallon barrel from Meier’s Wine Cellars (under the advising of Linda) and put some hardware in it, put up a gutter (with some help from Alex), and finally put the two together. Now, all I need is some rain.

After being told about this project people have said, “That’s great Rob, but what are you going to do with the water?” We are going to water our garden (that doesn’t exist yet, but is the next project (after we paint our living room this saturday)).

Other than that, I am excited for Red’s Opening Day.

Susan is still blossoming and Andrew is almost tall enough to open all the doors in our house.

We are all excited for some great Spring weather that has finally descended upon us (after a cold March). Andrew has a great time chasing around balls in the back yard (except for when I throw them on the roof or in the neighbor’s yard).

Keep it real (and sorry about all the parentheses in this post)!

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