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Waiting ’til the Last Minute

Well, after flip-flopping for a few days, and finally coming to a decision, I changed my mind one last time, loaded myself and Andrew into Simon and Rachel’s car, and headed to Cleveland for Steve and Tricia’s wedding. Susan hung back in Cincy with Mari, who has recently come down with an annoying cold.

Our trip to Cleveland went well. Andrew had a great car trip (mostly because Rachel has an incredible ability to entertain him). Andrew, Simon, Ben and I grabbed a quick bite to eat at a Friendly’s in Cleveland (which was incredible). Then, we headed to the wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony, and luckily, it was also quick. It was over just in time for Andrew to run outside and stretch his legs. Steve and Tricia did a tremendous job designing a ceremony that accurately represents their relationship. Andrew lasted until about ten at the reception, then we headed West to Mike Roman’s parents’ house, where Andrew slept, and I got to enjoy getting to know Mike’s family. We headed home the next morning. Overall, the trip was a success.

The next few weeks bring Susan’s parents to town, Susan’s birthday, Mari’s baptism, and hopefully, some great walking weather.

We’ll keep you updated.

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