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We Did It

I know what you are thinking (“Of course you did, you have two kids.”) We bought a cell phone. I have been an active opponent to cell-phone use (or over-use) for a while, especially when someone is on my couch, but I caved. Susan and I decided that it would be nice to be reachable when we are out on a date (and I like her having the extra bit of security during her normal existence). I would post the number, but we only have 268 minutes left for the whole year.

We have all really enjoyed the warm weather the past week has brought, but that is about to come to an end, which means more time inside, and maybe more time playing in the toy department at Target. It was great weather for gathering/playing-with leaves and destinationless walks around our block.

As winter approaches I am more excited about next spring’s outdoor projects than this winter’s indoor ones. Maybe I need to come up with a more concrete plan for the winter.

Mari is in the early stages of sitting. She is getting stronger and stronger every day. Her coordination is improving.

Andrew is still Andrew. Still loves pizza, Simon & Rachel, and Pony Rides. Counting is getting better. He hated his last haircut(means), as well as mine(end).

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