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Ear Infection Reprise

Yesterday’s post didn’t quite cut it, so I will try again:

Mari has her first ear infection. She has been a little fussy/clingy for a while. Susan and I kept lieing to ourselves and saying that it was her teeth, but eventually she forced our hand. Two nights ago she cried, which she doesn’t do very often. We finally gave her some Tylenol and she had one of her best sleeping nights ever. Yesterday morning she was still fussy, so we took her in. We paid the obligatory $25 to have someone look in her ear and say, “Yep, she has an ear infection.” Then we paid the obligatory $10 for the amoxicillin, and we are on our way. This morning she was back to her old self: smiling, sitting in her seat for more than three minutes, eating cheerios. Only 27 more doses and we are in the clear.

Spring. I love Spring. Who doesn’t? Maybe people who make their living shoveling snow; but I bet they like the break. This Spring has me a little more excited than usual.

Our Kids:
I was talking with one of my friends who is finishing up here at Xavier. He was telling me about how he spent his Spring Break in Costa Rica, and all of the things he did. He asked me what I have been up to. I said, “Nothing.” Sounds pretty boring, but now that I have kids “Nothing” is pretty exciting. Having kids makes even the most mundane things interesting, exciting, and fun. As the weather gets nicer I look forward to walks, playing in the backyard and at the park, eating dinner outside on our picnic table.

We love having visitors. Susan’s sister, Mary, Mary’s son, Luke, and Susan’s mom, Kathie, just left after visiting for a few days. Susan’s dad, Gary, comes to town tomorrow night, and Susan’s mom comes back Monday.

The next six months bring five weddings in our direction, starting in May: three in Cincinnati, one is Chicago, and one in Denver. Along with these weddings come several wedding showers.

Those are the big ticket items. Here are the small ones:

  • Soccer starts Saturday
  • Reds’ Opening Day is April 3rd
  • Pearl Jam in Detroit on May 22nd
  • Our second anniversary
  • Getting to use our new tent (Simon and Rachel’s backyard, here we come!)

I think that will do.

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