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It’s Official! ! !

After months (technically years) of conversations, brain-storming sessions, and deliberations, we have officially changed our last name to LIESLAND ! ! !

Susan and I got married a couple years ago, she kept her name and I kept mine; we decided to hyphenate the kids’ names. We have never been too thrilled about the name situation, and we began kicking around the idea of changing all of our names to one common name. Over time the idea gained momentum, until finally, this summer, we decided to do something about it.

Rather than picking one of our last names, or using a hyphenated name, we decided that we wanted to go with a suitable and ear-pleasing combo. “Liesland” sounded the best to us, so we went with it. Along with the fact that we like the name, it is also a great way to represent the joining of the Liesses and the Hylands, which is manifested in our marriage.

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