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Let’s just say that some change is on the way. We are not exactly sure when, but it is coming.

The past few weeks have been pretty good to us. Mari finally got over the hump and has started crawling. We are working on some video, but it seems like whenever we get the camera out she stops crawling. She appears to like getting around, which works out well most of the time. It does present some problems, such as it being easier for her to get into Andrew’s things.

Andrew continues to do well. He is always surprising us with how much he is learning.

Susan made some great May Crowns for the kids’ May Festival at the Waldorf School. I will get some pics up in the photo section soon and put up some links when I do. They turned out great. Next up: knitting. We tried to figure it out the other day from a book, but we didn’t get too far.

I have been up to the same old stuff lately. I go to work. I have been running several times a week, which is great. Soccer is going well. We just have a few more games left.

Julie finally moved in. Wait a second, Julie? “Who is that?” you might be wondering. Julie is our friend who is going to be living with us for a few months. She finally moved in this week and her presence in the house will certainly add a little twist on the everyday routine.

That’s all for now. Check back soon for some great video of Mari getting around and some pics of the May Crowns.

UPDATE: I put some video of Mari crawling on the cute kids page and I added some Easter and May Crown pics to our photo page.

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