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Settling In & Moving Out

Settling In
A few days later, we are still getting settled in to our new names. We have changed most of the important stuff. I still catch myself using the name “Hyland” too often, but I think that I am getting better.

Moving Out
After two and a half months of fun and fellowship, our friend Julie is moving out of our basement. When she moved in it was agreed that she would stay for just a couple months, and so now it is time for her to move on. It has been a lot of fun living with her and we are glad that she was able to subject herself to the joy of the early-morning pitter-patter of footsteps.

On the Go
Mari is moving around marvelously. She is a very good crawler and she has just recently learned to turn around and back down from steps and furniture (though she has yet to master the stairs). Her signing is also progressing. She is working on more, eat, and down.

Trying to Go
Andrew’s potty exploits continue. He has a long way to go, but he keeps trying. I would say that the success rate is increasing ever-so-slightly.

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