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Stuffy Noses

Andrew and Mari both have little colds. For the past two nights Susan and I have spent a lot of time lying there wondering if we are going to have to get up. Both nights I have come very close to trying to give Mari medicine. Andrew sleeps through his stuffiness ok, as does Mari; but for the past two nights Mari has had long fits of coughing. She does not wake up and I don’t know how. Crazy.

We also think that Andrew’s cold is making him a little whiney. Last night, instead of joining us for dinner, he laid on the couch trying to collect himself. After we were finished he insisted on eating a granola bar for dinner, which we insisted on not doing. Finally, we let him get some yogurt out of the fridge. He complained for about five minutes becuase the spoon that Susan was trying to give him to eat his yogurt with was his spoon. Finally we convinced him that Susan was giving it to him. Then he was mad because there was a lot of yogurt on the spoon. We got him a fresh spoon and he did ok for a few minutes, before he accidentally got a lot of yogurt on the spoon again. This put him over the top, so I called it and we put him to bed.

He did go to bed a little early, which was nice because it allowed Susan and I to watch Related, which we had taped from the night before. This show is really growing on me.

After Related we watched Scrubs, which is always a little wacky/enjoyable. Last night’s show was a good one for me. I had been stressed out all day because Pearl Jam announced Leg 1 of their tour schedule. I was pretty annoyed because they weren’t coming very close to Cincinnati and since the other parts of the tour have not been announced yet, it is hard to plan. Note: Leg 2 of the tour has already been leaked and it looks like they are still not coming close to Cincy. From the looks of things they are not playing in regions that supported Bush in ’04. Weird and stupid, I think. Anyway, at the end of Scrubs they played Long Road, a good PJ song. Coincidences are weird. Sure, it was a coincidence, but it was also a connection. Isn’t that what life is about? Maybe, maybe not. Something to think about.

Who wants to go to Cleveland on May 20th? I think that I am.

Warmer weather and rain are on the way. Mr. Schweppes’ cute little purple & white lawn flowers are popping up, a sure sign of Spring.

Wild Women Wednesday (or something like that) tonight. Clogging tomorrow night. PJ tickets on Friday at 10 AM PST.

We’ve added some movies to the movie review page.

I think that is all for now. We’ll keep you updated. . .

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