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Something strange must be in the water at our house (my mom would say it is probably just hormones). Ever since Andrew stopped taking a nap he has been consistently sleepy at 8 in the evening. For the past week or so, he has gone to bed in less than ten minutes. Well, I guess he has had enough of that. Last night I took him upstairs at 8:15, and at 8:30 I decided I was wasting my time. We went back downstairs and played until abuot 9:30. He has been this way for the past two days. Not only is he going to bed late, but he slept in today until 8:45.

Mari has been having some slep adventures of her own lately. She just can’t decide on a firm routine. Last night she fell asleep in the sling on our walk at around 7:30. I tried to lay her down, but she refused and eventually woke up and was up until 10.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: experts always say that kids need consistency, but I think that parents need the consistency. I wish that my kids would just make up their minds already.

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