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The Heat Is On

Some hot weather has greeted as as we get back into the swing of things after our trip to Des Moines. Susan and the kids were out there for a week; I made it out by lunchtime on Friday. It was a pretty busy weekend, with Mari’s 1st b-day party on Friday night, a brunch (which Susan attended) on Sat morning, followed by the World Cup game, mass, and Susan’s ten-year high school reunion. We left Des Moines Sunday morning and made it back to Cincinnati just before dark. I should have some pics up soon.

Things are getting a little back to normal in our house. The kids’ sleep schedules are still off from the trip, but hopefully we will get them back on track tonight. Andrew is much more fun to hang out with when he is sleeping right.

Speaking of the World Cup, which I did a little bit ago, the US is still hanging in there. We need a win on Thursday combined with an Italy win to advance to the round of 16. There are actually other ways in which we could advance, but they are a real stretch.

Mari is moving around really well. In Des Moines she learned to go up the stairs. She pulls herself up a lot and likes to stand now, which is a radical shift from a month ago. She also learned the sign for “more,” which she puts to use a lot. She also likes to wave “hi” and “bye.” She even occassionally waves at cars as they drive past.

Susan is going to the Ani Difranco concert tomorrow night. It should be a great show and it is at a cool outdoor venue. I really wanted to go, but Mari and Andrew are still a little too demanding these days when it comes to bedtime.

I am headed to the Pearl Jam concert on Saturday with Holly. It is in Cincinnati, which is nice. Last time they were supposed to play here (my birthday, 2003) it got cancelled because the venue was flooded. Hopefully they will play a good make-up show.

Julie is out of town taking her massage boards so that she can be a licensed masseuse in Ohio. She will be gone until Friday. I just noticed that Susan and I haven’t watched a movie since May, so maybe we will be able to get one in this week, if the kids ever go to bed on time.

Catch ya later!

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