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Warm Weather

Susan and the kids are out enjoying warm weather even as I type. Yesterday upon arriving home they were playing out in the back yard. I got to play a little “soccer” with Andrew. Mari sat in the swing, just as Andrew used to do. When Andrew was Mari’s age we used to spend countless minutes in the backyard swinging. I don’t get that opportunity with Mari, partially because there are two kids now, partially because it is almost Winter.

Barbecue chicken pizza for dinner tonight. Andrew suggested we make it because Susan asked about it a week ago and he has been asking for it ever since. It is interesting to see his concept of time develop as his memory does. Last night we were trying to explain the meaning of “Happy New Year” to him, which was complicated by the fact that he did not know what a year was. I think he can understand a day, because of the sun. A year is harder.

Last night was Andrew’s first night without his night-time diaper. Since he has been potty trained he has barely ever gone in the night. We have been lucky up to this point, but I know we will have to deal with some waterbeds.

Mari has started a new game: filling her pajamas with blocks. Andrew likes to get in on the fun as well. It is pretty funny to see their legs appear swollen, saggy, and with sharp corners. They keep the blocks in until they start to hurt too much, which takes longer than one would think.

Andrew likes to sing Jingle Bells. So does Mari.

I like to sing “Christmas in Hollis.”

I don’t know what Susan likes to sing. I bet she would do a good Silent Night.

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