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Two years after we joined the fray, the Reagens are on board with a blog of their own: Reagen Blog: Random Notes from the Reagen Southern Division.

Susan had Wild Women Wednesday last night, and it must have been wild since she was out past ten. This afforded me the opportunity/challenge of getting both kids to sleep, by myself. I had done this once before, and was very successful. Last night I was again fortunate and the kids were asleep within twenty minutes. I fear that sometime they are going to stage rebellion, and I am going to fall down the stairs crying.

In other useless news, our hummingbird feeders are doing well. We don’t get too many hummingbirds, but we have seen consistent activity at our front hummingbird feeder, and yesterday Susan saw our first hummingbird at the back hummingbird feeder. Exciting stuff, I know.

In baseball news, the Reds just swept their second straight series and are now tied for first place in the NL Central with the St. Louis Cardinals. They now have a ten-game homestand and hopefully I will be able to make it out for a game while Susan and the kids are in Des Moines.

Did I forget to mention that Susan and the kids are headed to Des Moines? We are going to meet Nate at his old elementary school in Normal, IL for the handoff on Sunday. I get to come back to Cincinnati and work while Susan vacations in Des Moines.

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