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5 Days Down

We are five days into this little adventure, and things don’t really appear to be settling down. I have a minute to write a little more extensively though, so I will.

The birth went awesome. We had perfect timing with everything, from filling up the tub, to calling our midwife, to Elliot actually coming out. He was born at 5:29, which gave us just enough time to get settled before the sun came up. That day, Tuesday, was crazy. Luckily my mom took care of the kids all day, and my dad brought us some dinner, so things were manageable.

Since then, we have been getting used to doing things on our own, which is going OK. Susan has been on a light bed-rest since the birth to help everything heal right. Tracey (our midwife) recommended this approach over stitches since it was a tiny tear and it will improve our chances of not tearing next time (next time?). Susan is able to get up and move around, but she is supposed to limit her activities. Since I am home, this has been pretty do-able.

Elliot is doing well. He likes to nurse and sleep, but he does not like to poop and pee. He was not very happy when he was born and Tracey pointed out that he had a huge ridge on his head. She said that he probably had a bad head-ache. She recommended Craniosacral Therapy. Our friend, Lauren, came over Tuesday afternoon, moved a few bones in his skull, and he appears to be happier now. Pretty cool, huh? She worked on him for about fifteen minutes and the ridge almost totally disappeared. She tells us that the amount of pressure that she uses is no more than the weight of a nickel.

Andrew and Mari have been adjusting well. They have both been tired and stressed.

I think that is enough for now. I’ll try to keep you updated.

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