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Birthday Season

Heading into birthday season (Erin won the pre-season tournament), we have put a fun couple of weeks behind us. We have had a lot or get-togethers and a lot of fun time as a family. This has been aided by the fact that all of the kids have been relatively healthy and Elliot has been a gem. He is happy most of the time when he is awake, and when he is not happy he needs to go to sleep. He has been letting us lay him down for his naps, which makes the day a lot easier for Susan.

I put up a few new pics.

Not much action on the house.

My eye is looking & feeling a lot better, but I fear I may have to have it drained because I am just about done with my medicine and I still have a medium sized bump.

This blog is over three years old now.

We joined the Y.

Later. . .

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