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Bottoms Up

  • Elliot – Elliot is doing well. He has started smiling, which is fun. It is nice to get a little feedback other than crying. He is developing well and has become a little more fussy lately. We know it will pass, we just hope that it passes quickly
  • Mari – Mari has been a little crazy lately. We think she is getting a lot cuter as she learns how to express herself more and better, but man is she crazy. She really knows what she wants and she will let you know if she is not getting it.
  • Andrew – Andrew has been showing some signs of stress also. He is still very well behaved and we really enjoy his presence, but he has been testing things a little more lately. I notice it most when I am trying to get Mari to sleep. He used to lie in his bed very quietly and usually fall asleep before Mari was asleep, but he has been pushing things a little more lately, rolling around, talking, playing with the curtains.
  • Me (Rob) – I am doing well. I am getting settled in to my new job here at Xavier. I have moved from the behind the scenes application support world to the web world, which has been fun. It is nice to do something different and learn some new skills.
  • Susan – I think that Susan is doing well. Elliot has been sleeping a little less at night, which means that she is more tired. Now that we are more than six weeks out it seems as though she has recovered well. She says that she thinks it takes nine months for her to recover, but I would say that she is most of the way there. I think that the hardest part right now is the lack of sleep at night and the inability to rest during the day.
  • Visitors – We have had some visitors lately, which has made things a little easier. Our to-do list fills up quickly these days, and visitors are a nice break, amongst other things.

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