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February Baby

It’s now March, and Susan and I are both thrilled to have a February baby. If Elliot was as late as Mari was, then Susan would still be pregnant, which would not be much fun at this point.

Elliot is nine days old now, and things are getting a little more settled. The kids are sleeping well, which means that they are in a good mood during the day. There was a stretch where they were not sleeping well and were a little crazy during the day.

Elliot is doing well. He has a little cold, which he is handling well. He is getting used to his bodily functions. In general, he is pretty mellow. He definitely sleeps more than our others did and does not require as much walking around. His presence at family dinners has been a pleasant one, since he has either been sleeping or just chillin’ out.

Other than Elliot, there is not much going on. I am going to be headed back to work next week. There should hopefully be some visitors on the way soon, but the weather is not helping with that.

That’s all for now. We’ll keep you updated.

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