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Fun Weekend

Everyone else is in bed, and I just got finished carving up my first whole chicken, so I thought I would take a minute to wind down/not fall behind on the blog.

We are just wrapping up a fun weekend here in the Liesland home. We started off the weekend with the La Leche League Pot-Luck on Friday night. It was hot, and there was a lot of dessert, so it was pretty fun.

We were back out again on Saturday to enjoy the Northside Yard Sale. We didn’t make it out until 11 and it was heating up. Holly came with us and did her best at reverse-bargaining. We came out with some fun stuff, including a new bike for Andrew.

Saturday afternoon we hit the Y, and then headed to Walt’s Barbeque on Cincinnati’s West Side. I would definitely recommend it. Cool place.

Today, Sunday, started off slowly. Susan slept until 10, and then Elliot slept until 12:30. Mari went down for her nap at one, Elliot went back down at 3, and then finally everyone was awake by 3:45, just in time for us to head to Home Depot to snag some new appliances. We got a new washer, dryer, dishwasher, and stove. Don’t worry, we have 10 days to figure out where we are going to store the old stove. I just can’t bear to have it taken away by people who will dis-respect it.

Later. . .

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