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I’ve fallen behind. I didn’t mean for it to happen, but it did, and I am sorry.

  1. Today is our third anniversary. No, not you and me (unless you are Susan), but me and Susan.
  2. My right eye has a Chalazion.
  3. We just got back from a very short camping trip at John Bryan State Park in Yellow Springs, OH. The trip was fun. We went up Sunday morning and were joined by Simon and Rachel Sunday afternoon. They watched the kids while Susan and I went to the Greene Memorial Hospital in Xenia to have my eye looked at. We cooked hot dogs over a fire, made some s’mores, slept in a tent, hiked at Clifton Gorge and ate Ha Ha Pizza. Fun trip.
  4. Elliot is 3 months now. He is doing well and still likes to sleep, though he is not that good at it.
  5. Still not much activity on the house

I think that is it. I will try to stay on top of things.

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