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Let the Bactrim Begin?

We went to the doctor yesterday to talk about Elliot. She said go see a urologist (which we will on Sept 5), but in the meantime start taking Bactrim, a prophylactic antibiotic, to keep him from getting another UTI, which could spread to his kidneys. So we started him on a very low dose of Bactrim.

No sooner than I sat down to write this post did I get an email, from, whose website I linked to in my last post about Elliot. I had never communicated with him before, and I must have popped up on his radar because I linked to his site, which sent him some traffic.

Here is what he, or someone on his website’s behalf, has to say:

if preventive antibiotics come up as a possibility, you might want to talk with your pediatrician about a major new study in JAMA in July where there was no difference between the kids who go antibiotics and those who did not in the number of subsequent UTIs — but those who got the antibiotics were much more likely to get resistant infections. Everyone here is re-weighing the benefits vs. risks.


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