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One Month

Elliot is a little over a month now, and things are chugging along. Elliot just had his one month checkup and he is developing appropriately. It looks like his eye are going to be a dark brown, and the dr thinks that he has my nose. His head is not as large as Andrew & Mari’s were, and we fear that he is going to get my nose and Susan’s head. Poor kid.

We are wrapping up a pretty crazy week. Andrew and Mari were both sick starting last Saturday and lasting until mid-week. We even had to take Mari in to the Dr to make sure that she was not dehydrated, which she wasn’t. they are both feeling better now, though they are still really whiny.

The warm weather has been a nice help to get things back on track. We have been trying to spend some time outside to keep the kids entertained and not needing to be held the whole time.

We have had some showings of the house, but still not much doin’ there.

Later. . .

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