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We got a little snow (/rain/sleet) a couple days back, and Andrew has been wanting to get out sledding, so today when I got home from work today, he, Mari and I headed down to the church playground (where there is a very little hill), and hit the slopes. Andrew had a great time, and I think he is finally getting to the age where he could spend a lot of time outside in the snow. Mari did well, even going down the hill a couple times by herself, but she was done in by a tandem ride where she and Andrew both fell off, him landing on her, her face landing in the snow. She did stay outside, but she was done sledding.

We came home to play in the back yard a bit. I taught Andrew the basics of frisbee golf while Mari swung. He actually hit his first target (which I bet was about 50 feet away) in just three tries, which was pretty good. We finished off our time outside by enjoying a fresh round of ‘snow cookies’, with the kids delighting in the taste of stale snow.

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