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Two Weeks

Elliot is two weeks old now, which is pretty exciting. He has changed a lot over the past week. He is starting to be awake for long stretches at a time. He usually is up all morning, sleeps all afternoon, is up again in the evening, and then is “asleep for the night” by 11. He appears to be a little like Andrew was when he was little. Elliot likes to be able to see what is going on and seems to get over-stimulated when we are out in large groups.

Andrew and Mari are still showing some signs of stress. They have both been getting up really early and have been fairly needy during the day. I need to get their sleeping straightened out by the time Susan’s parents leave, so they are a less fussy and clingy during the day.

I am back to work now, working a half-day yesterday and a full day today. This week shouldn’t be bad since Susan’s parents are in town, but next week should be interesting.

Later. . .

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