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I am trying to fix our water heater. Tonight I am going to put in a new element.

We have also been sleeping hot water lately, as Andrew’s bladder has suddenly stopped working. I think that the use of straws has caused an increase in liquid consumption, which no one was quite ready for.

I put up some new pics in the 2006 photo section. I also added a 2007 photo section, since it is now 2007.

We are all tired. I think that this last month of Susan’s pregnancy is going to be a challenge for all of us, but I think that in the end we will all come out stronger. The dynamic will change when #3 comes, and I think right now everything is up in the air for a reason.

We made some cool pre/postnatal purchases in preparation for #3. We bought a Prenatal Cradle, a Bella Band, and a Moby Wrap. It is always fun to get some new gear. In college we used to make fun of our friend Jeff because it seemed like he was always buying a new coat. I feel like we are always getting some new type of baby moving device, whether it be a wrap, sling, carrier, or stroller.

Our birth kit, which contains all of the sterile/medical type things that we will need for our homebirth came yesterday. It was interesting to see what was in there, though it is not quite as interesting as the list of things that we need to purchase.

That’s all for now.

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