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Where have we been?

At the Dr’s office, the hospital, Northside, KY, Onalaska, Duluth, Minneapolis, Clive.

Dr’s Office

Elliot had his 4 month check-up in late June, where things went well. At the end of the visit he got some vaccines and the Dr said that he may act sick/have a fever for a couple days, which he did. After 6 days the fever had not gone away, so we went back to the Dr, who told us to go to the hospital to get some tests.

The Hospital

We got some blood tests done, an x-ray, and finally a urine culture. Finally, we figured out the he had a urinary tract infection. We got him on an antibiotic, which made him a little fussy, but his fever went away.


We were supposed to skip town the morning of July 4th, but due to Elliot’s illness, we decided to take a day to gather our selves. In the morning, we made it to the Northside 4th of July Parade, which is pretty cool.


Not leaving on the 4th also made it possible for us to make it to our 4th of July family party, which was a lot of fun.


Finally, we made it out of town and hit the road. It took us 11 hours to traverse the 600 miles from Cincinnati to Onalaska, WI, which is right next to LaCrosse, WI. We visited with our friends Sarah, Kevin and Samuel for a few hours, and then it was back on the road.


On Friday, July 6th, we hit the road again and travelled a few hours farther North to Duluth, MN. We got settled into our cottage, and then headed to Hope and Jeff’s pre-wedding party. We got to hang out with a lot of Susan’s friends and had a good time. The wedding was on Saturday night. Sunday we hit Gooseberry Falls, and then headed south to Minneapolis.


In Minneapolis we stayed with Susan’s friend from high school, Maribeth, and her husband Erik, whom we hadn’t seen since our wedding. While in Minneapolis we visited Susan’s college in St. Joseph, MN.


Tuesday evening we left Minneapolis and headed to Clive, IA, just outside Des Moines, to stay with Susan’s parents. We stayed in Des Moines for a few days, and had a grand old time.

Now, we are back in Cincinnati, trying to get settled back into a routine. It always takes a while for everyone to get back in line after some time away from our normal existence.

Hopefully I will get some pics up soon.

I will try to keep you updated. . .

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