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Belly Dancing

Things have been going well for us this Spring. The kids love to be out, and so do the parents.

Andrew – Andrew is doing well. His school year is coming to an end. He has really enjoyed school this year. We are trying to figure out what we should do for school next year.

Mari – Mari is as wild as ever. She is still on an emotional roller-coaster, which I would guess is not going to end soon. We are also trying to figure out what to do with her next year.

Elliot – Elliot has been growing up a lot lately. He is communicating a lot more and seems to be learning more words. He isn’t talking, but he knows what more words mean when we say them. He has been standing a lot lately and has just recently started moving his feet, a little. He appears to be on the same timeline as Andrew & Mari were.

Susan and I have been spending most of our time parenting. She did get to go to a belly dancing class last Saturday night, which sounded like a fun time.

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