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Raspberry Island or Bust

Last night could have gone better. The lovely barbecue pizza that we had for dinner yesterday kept me up half the night, and now everyone else is having some digestive issues. Digestive issues aside, we were up early this morning and headed out on a walk around Lake Harriet. Even though the lake is close, it took us forever to get there and back because Elliot insisted on walking, and pushing the stroller.

It was great to get down to the lake. This is the same lake that Susan and I used to walk around when I first visited her in Minneapolis. This morning we walked around the lake for just a few minutes because the kids were taking a long time. We settled in at the beach where the kids enjoyed the water, even though it was a little chilly.

After nap time, we headed off to Martin and Courtney’s wedding. It was at the Minnesota Boat Club, on Raspberry Island, in St. Paul. The island was a little island on the Mississippi with a great view of St. Paul. The wedding was outside with the city as the backdrop and was followed by a lovely dinner, good cake, and some dancing. We headed home a little later than we had planned, which I think is a good thing, because that means we were having a good time.

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