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Roasting Cheese

We decorated our Christmas tree tonight, and had a fire in the fireplace. We did not have any marshmallows to roast, so Andrew roasted cheese. He got a slice of cheese (medium cheddar), put it in a skillet, and I held it over the fire until it was melted. He ate most of it, and shared a little with Mari, who was a little out of her head.

In other cool news, Susan went to a cookie exchange today, and brought home a bunch of cool cookies.

Also, I am enjoying cooking on a gas stove.

Also, we found a weird hole in our basement floor, about 18″ x 24″, that appears to be full of ash. Weird. I will have to ask someone who knows something about old homes. It does look like there used to be a gas line that ran to it. It had always had this huge wooden shelf over it, which is why we did not know it was there.

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