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The Play Set

On Sunday we got a bunch of people together to help us move the play set that we bought a couple weeks back. We found a used play set on craigslist and decided that it was meant to be in our back yard. The only problem was that it was still set up in someone else’s.

We started the day at 11, at our house, with a light breakfast. We headed to Florence, KY and started working around noon. It was raining lightly on us as we finished taking the play set apart and loaded it into the vehicles. Luckily we were able to fit a major part of the ‘clubhouse’ in the back of Will’s pick-up truck.

The drive back to Cincinnati proved to be a little more challenging that expected because Will’s truck was having a hard time making it up the Montana hill, so we had to turn around and go to the next exit on the highway.

Eventually we got all the pieces back to our house and started putting it back together around 3. We were just about finished as darkness set in, and we could have finished, but we came up three nuts short, so we decided to clean up and call it a night.

I was at Home Depot at 7am this morning, home by 7:30, and by 8 the kids were swinging. They have been having a great time on it already – last night while we were putting it together and today when it was finished.

It turned out to be a fairly large project, which I suspected it might. Luckily we had a lot of help, which made it a lot easier.

I added some pictures from the play set raising to the 2008 photo gallery.

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