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Two Years

We thought he was passed it. We thought he had moved on. But, alas, Andrew has an ear infection. The cool thing is that he is old enough to tell us. Our Dr looked in her records, and he had not had an ear infection (that we knew of) for almost two years. He has been sick since Tues, with a fever, and cold symptoms.

Elliot is crazy. He really likes Susan (can you blame him?), and is not sleeping very well. Susan has had a hard time getting him to sleep during the day, so most weekdays he only has one nap, which probably contributes to his craziness. He loves to go outside and to look out the window.

Mari is Mari. She is doing well. As usual, it is a lot of highs and lows with Mari, where she is either laughing our crying – there is no in-between.

Susan is managing to stay sane through all this, somehow. She gives and gives-up a lot, so I hope that over the next few months, or year, Elliot will start to give her a break.


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