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Growing Up

Elliot will be 2 in 2 weeks. Hard to believe. We still think of him as our baby, but I guess he is not. I think he will seem a lot older when he stops nursing all night.

Andrew slept in his own bed a few nights this week, even going to bed by himself. I think he got bored with it and is now back to going to sleep with us and sharing a bed with Mari.

Mari is still a little challenging, but she is showing signs of pulling up out of her funk. I think that she is beginning to understand a little more about her actions. She has also taken a great interest in the kitchen lately, enjoying helping whenever she can. Every morning she wants to help make the oatmeal by scooping it into the pot, stirring it as it cooks, and then portioning it out into our bowls. She is also in charge of distributing raisins for our oatmeal – a handful in mine and hers, and a few on the table for Elliot.

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