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House Work

We have been doing a lot of work around the house lately. We took out the closet in our dining room a few weeks back and a couple of weeks ago Tom and I got some drywall up to make the room look more normal. This past weekend Susan and I textured the wall, to match the others, and painted the room blue, cornflower blue. I still need to finish up some of the trim, but the room is just about done.

Up next is the entry way and the stairs. The stairs had some paint on them that we have been removing. We are going to refinish the stairs and repaint the walls and trim. Right now all of the trim in the main entryway is still mauve and forest green. Like most of the painted trim in our house, we are going to be painting it white.

Once the entryway is done we are going to move on to the living room, where we are going to repaint the walls and trim. After that, I think we are going to be moving outside. I can’t wait to get out and get some work done. There is just as much to do outside as there has been inside.

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