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If you get the chance, hurry up

A couple of years back, when Andrew was starting to ride a bike with training wheels, an older gentleman who was out walking his dog said to me, “Take your time, Dad.” I am not sure if he meant in the short term or the long term, and I am not exactly sure what caused him to say it, but I think about that every now and then.

Yesterday evening I was out working on our swing set and the NFC/city inspector stopped by to check out our garage. As he was leaving he said to me, “Hurry up, if you get the chance.” I am not sure exactly what he meant, or what caused him to say it.

Should I slow down?
Is there something wrong with youthful zeal?
Do they want me to slow down for me, or for them?

I know that I probably do need to slow down, but there is just so much to do. Gotta go finish lunch. . .

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