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I wanted to get up some pics of our bathroom tonight, but the kids took forever to get to sleep, and I was just annoyed. Maybe tomorrow.

Today we took out the closet in our dining room. It was the only closet on the first floor, and we liked it, but we didn’t like that it took up a lot of valuable square-footage. The best part is that when they put the closet in they cut out the original hard wood underneath and the wall behind it, so now we have to get that cleaned up. Nice.

Tomorrow I hope that we can get unpacked. We have a lot of boxes in the attic still, and still haven’t located the cloth diapers.

It snowed last night. I was supposed to be 1-3 inches, but I think it was more like 8 – no joke. We have a corned lot, which means we have somewhere around 200′ of sidewalk. I was thinking that we should think about a snow blower, but I probably need the exercise. Besides, who know what would happen with our semi-gravel driveway.

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