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  • We had our bathroom re-done. We didn’t get many before shots, but the after is much better. Andrew and Mari used to think that our bathroom was disgusting, and they were right. It is much nicer now. We still have a little to do, but the major parts are taken care of.
  • Next up we are going to be ripping the closet out of our dining room
  • It has been cold here, mostly in the twenties. There was snow on the ground for a while, then most of it melted, and the rest refroze, so now it is just and icy mess. I am requesting either more snow or warmer temperatures, neither of which is forecasted
  • I was able to get out for a nice little bike ride today. I rode down to a local natural foods shop to get some ear oil for Elliot.
  • Did I mention that Elliot has been crazy? Last night was the first night this year that he did not throw up, but he was still up in the middle of the night. We are not sure what his problem is. He has been great during the day. He has also has a cough. We are now putting Vicks Vaporub on his feet before bed and also giving him his ear drops.
  • There has been a request to get up some pictures of our bathroom. They will be coming eventually.
  • We still have our Christmas tree up. I guess we can take it down now.
  • We have a lot of painting to do. When we bought our last house we were a lot more patient with our home improvement projects. Now we just want to get everything done.

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