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Attack of the Birds

This afternoon we went to Greenwood Park to walk around the lake and check out the rose garden. Andrew has been in to bird watching lately and when we got there my mom pointed out a red-winged blackbird. We noticed that it was ‘talking’ to us a lot and when Andrew walked past it it swooped down and got him in the back of the head.
It barely got him, but there was a fair amount of blood. In Andrew’s defense I threw a backpack at the bird and it got stuck in the tree with the nest that the bird was defending. My dad and I tried for a few minutes to try to get close enough to get the backpack out, but the birds wouldn’t have it. Finally, a neighborhood friend came along to help us out and he was able to get close enough to get the bag. What an adventure!

2 Replies to “Attack of the Birds”

  1. Alex doesn’t believe that this actually happened. I do believe that it happened.

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