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Thoughts from Myself

Susan was cleaning up the attic and she found a note that said ‘Open May 10, 2008.’ After some thinking, I came to the conclusion that I had written myself this letter on Senior Retreat, when I was in college. Here is what I wrote:

  • Staying up late is always worth it
  • Sometimes is is good to be late
  • We are all different
  • The phone is never as good as the face
  • Sometimes it is good to be uncomfortable
  • Sometimes computers do more harm than good
  • Lines aren’t always necessary
  • Some sleep is
  • Outside is always better than inside
  • We are always in a bubble
  • The weather always changes
  • Don’t get too comfortable
  • Music is good
  • Pretty House is about more than just a good view
  • Communication always makes things better
  • Sometimes old is better than new
  • Look at it again
  • Don’t settle
  • Don’t get greedy
  • It is all relative
  • My time for myself
  • Be who you are
  • Be who you want to be
  • Keep trying
  • Keep looking
  • Enjoy it
  • Take time to walk
  • Take your time
  • Bring your own bags to the store
  • Be not afraid
  • Desafios son oportunidades
  • There are people everywhere
  • The cheese doesn’t stand alone
  • Sometimes people talk out of turn.

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