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Busy Saturday

Susan left this morning for another week-long training in Boulder, so it is just me and the kids this week. We started off with a busy Saturday:

  1. Dropped Susan off at the airport.
  2. Picked up bagels and ate them in the car.
  3. Stopped by the Sports Authority to get a new grip for my tennis racquet, which I think I may have put on upside-down but it works.
  4. Went to the park where the kids played with the Reagens while Nate and I played tennis.
  5. Home for lunch.
  6. Hike with Andrew’s Cub Scout den at Walnut Woods State Park, including a fair amount of time playing in the river.
  7. At this point the boys went home with Nate and I took Mari and Hope with me to Costco. Elliot is spending the night at Mimi & Papa’s and Andrew is spending the night at the Reagens’.
  8. We finally made it home and I threw the girls in the bath while I emptied the car and made dinner.
  9. Dinner.
  10. Cut the grass.
  11. Dessert.
  12. Books
  13. Bed.

Not too shabby. Hopefully it will slow down a little from here.

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