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Colorado Vacation – Day 6 – Dune Recovery

After a long day at the dunes yesterday, we were ready for some downtime today. We spent the morning attending ranger programs at the dunes so the kids could finish their Junior Ranger requirements. After that we grabbed lunch and then headed for a hike to Zapata Falls. It was a long drive up-hill to a short hike. I think the bumpy, gravel road took its toll on our car because by the time we got to the top our radiator was leaking. We had a good time hiking to the falls, though the water was very cold and I had to shuttle the kids around the creek to get them in.

After the falls we headed to the Sand Dunes Pool, which is nearby and is fed with water from a hot spring. The water was really warm and the kids had a great time. The pool was nice and big and by the end of the day we had almost the whole thing to ourselves.

The water was cold!
The water was hot!

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