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Andrew’s 10th Birthday

Today we celebrated Andrew’s 10th Birthday. This afternoon we went to Williamson’s Pumpkin Paradise in Ankeny and then this evening we had is made-to-order Snickers cake.

Andrew at age 10 is a boy who loves music and physical challenges. He loves climbing anything he can climb and riding anything he can ride – hence the present we got him, a unicycle. His favorite 3 songs right now are Blurred Lines, Royals, and Demons. He wants to listen to music all the time and often likes to take control of Pandora. He is doing well in school and enjoys learning anything we throw at him. He still has a strong passion for math and processes. Andrew still plays soccer, though he is considering baseball in the spring, and he takes piano lessons once per week.

Williamson's Pumpkin Paradise
Williamson’s Pumpkin Paradise
Andrew Blowing Out His Candles
Andrew Blowing Out His Candles


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