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Cincinnati Visit

This older kids and I headed to Cincinnati last week to visit family and so I could hit some meetings at work. The kids stayed with Mar-Mar during the day while I went to work. A quick recap:

Tuesday: Leave Des Moines at 9:45. Meet my family at Skyline in Monfort Heights at 7:15.

Wednesday: I leave for work. The kids go to the aquarium with Mar-Mar, Holly, Henry, and Elsie. I go to Tom & Chee for lunch with Simon; the kids go to a different Tom & Chee with their clan. My parents drive to kids to Xavier. We eat dinner in the caf, have to leave early because of a fire alarm, and then go to the Xavier vs Georgetown basketball game, where Xavier goes from 17 points down 5 minutes into the second half to winning by 13.

Thursday: I go to work. The kids hang out at the house all day. The Donley’s and Beinkempers meet up for dinner.

Friday: I don’t go into work until lunch time. The kids hang out with Mar-Mar. We go to Holly’s for dinner, where we are joined by my family, Ruth Ann, and the Herrels, including new baby Leah, who is still new to us. Also on Friday I learn that there is snow moving in on Saturday, so I decide to delay departure by a day.

Saturday: We spent the day hanging out at my parents. The kids went sledding and played in the creek. The Donleys and Beinkempers  came over for dinner. We played Apples to Apples.

Good times.

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